Designs that fit your brand
As a graduate of the California College of the Arts with a decade of professional design experience, I learned to use design as a problem-solving tool. My aesthetic approach when working with brands is to make it fun and functional. Making beautiful systems containing independent elements, thoughtfully put together, is what I love about the process.
Before joining the Men's Wearhouse creative team, I oversaw the print and digital productions for such clients as the Sacramento Kings, Adobe, The City of San Rafael, and Torani Italian Syrups. I always aim to find a distinct harmony in my designs through collaboration with a diverse range of clients and varied industries.
In any working relationship, the key is to listen and make your colleague or client feel heard. I learn from what didn't work before and observe how my colleagues approached a problem. Asking challenging questions so I can learn about the client's needs is an integral part of my process, so I can inevitably become a "mini expert" in their business.
Art was always natural for me. Growing up, I spent hours reading comics and drawing my own characters. When I finally took art and art history classes in community college, I obsessively immersed myself in the craft. I love the intersection of the linear, modern design, combined with organic elements like hand-drawn marks or photography. 
I look up to artists like Mary Blair, Claire Keane, Lisa Congdon, Sibylline Meynet, and Jessica Hische. All these artists contain a color story and shape work. Congdon's career is especially inspiring because she is a self-taught illustrator and didn't start her art career until she was in her 40s. She's a role model for taking risks and trying things when it's not the status quo.
When I'm not working in Photoshop, I enjoy spending time with my family, which includes my dog and cat, Elsa, and Harlequin. I'm also known to engage in all things Disney related. As a Bay Area transplant, I enjoy living close to the happiest place on earth, while continuing to draw and paint watercolor by my pool.
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